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DockDogs® 101

Come and learn the basics of Dock Diving. We guarantee you and your pup will get hooked into the sport of Dock Diving. You and your pup will learn with one on one training in the following:
  • The introduction to the dock.
  • Build confidence on the dock.
  • Getting your dog comfortable jumping off the dock.
  • Throwing Techniques.
  • Controlling your dog on the dock.
  • DockDog® Rules.
Come and get hooked on the fastest growing K9 sport in the country.

Learn to Dog Paddle

Do you want to teach your dog to swim and enjoy the water? Not sure how to get started?

This class covers the basics of teaching your dog how to dog paddle in a safe and fun environment. Not all dogs are ready to take the plunge and swim after a single session, but you will learn how to gradually increase your dog's confidence, passion for the water, and desire to swim.

Each 45 minute session is reserved for you and your dog and our Trainer.

Swim/Pool Certification

This is the first swim session at K9 for all dogs.

We will be in the pool with your dog to ensure he is safe and comfortable with his surroundings.

This session certifies that you, the owner, and your dog are able to swim at K9 on your own.

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