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Swimming for Fitness

K9 Aqua Sports Club provides a wide variety of services that is geared towards improving and maintaining the health of your canine companion. K9 Water Therapy is an ideal form of fitness for dogs. Water therapy is beneficial for dogs with joint-related problems by building muscle tone and stamina, and improving range of motion. We recommend swimming for dogs because it is a low impact, non-weight-bearing workout. Swimming incorporates stretching, aerobics and strength training without the strain experienced on land. The fact is that swimming is relaxing and fun. You will notice a mark improvement in yours dog’s spirit as well as the therapeutic benefits.

Swimming for Trimming (Weight Loss)

Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for your dog to lose weight. Swimming allows the dog to exercise without added joint stress secondary to obesity. The program will be monitored for your dog’s tolerance. We will make up a program tailored to your dog’s needs and ability, and set achievable goals for your dog. Once your dog reaches his goal, K9 Aqua Sports Club will work with you to keep your dog at his goal weight through home exercise and a tailored feeding program.

Set Goals

A) Diet: Once your dog’s target weight and rate of loss have been determined, her daily food portions will be calculated. Allowable treat suggestions are incorporated.

B) Exercise: Just as in people, frequent, sustained exercise is an important part of a weight loss program. Leash walking, ball playing, etc., is needed, as letting your dog loose in the yard rarely provides sufficient exercise. We will work with you to develop an exercise plan that both you and your dog can accomplish. Twice weekly water exercise sessions serve to jump start the process, because one minute of swimming is equal to 5 to 15 minutes of walking and thus serves to increase overall fitness, endurance and cardiopulmonary output. Furthermore, the buoyancy of water reduces stress on joints and enables overweight dogs to get started exercising.

A vet clearance is required for dogs entering the program to ensure they are healthy enough to participate.

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