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What is DockDogs® ?

DockDogs® ! The world’s premiere dog dock diving competition holds events year round and around the world. It does not matter if you have a mixed breed or purebred, your dog just needs to be at least six months old. All dogs are welcome!

You don’t have to have a big jumping dog to have fun. Multiple ability levels are recognized and awarded! Any dog has a chance to win its category! If you’re brand new, come try it out! We’ll help you get your dog wet so you can have fun with your best friend!

Big Air

This is the event that most often comes to mind when people think DockDogs®. Best described as a long jump for dogs, it is the most popular of the three disciplines, and dogs are judged based on how far they jump.

A floatable toy is thrown into the water and the dogs may start anywhere on the 40' of dock to run and jump into the pool. Handlers are given 60 seconds to get their dog off the dock into the pool.

Extreme Vertical (EV)

Extreme Vertical is an exciting discipline that has the dog jumping up to grab a bumper. In Extreme Vertical, a bumper is suspended from an extender 8 ft. out from the dock and at heights ranging from 4'6" up to as high as a dog can go.

Speed Retrieve:

It’s All about Speed! In SPEED RETRIEVE each team is placed at the 20 foot mark on the dock and is allotted 60 seconds to get into the water. However, instead of measuring distance or height, each dog is racing against the clock.

Upon entering the water, each dog must swim to the end of the 40 foot pool and remove the bumper.

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